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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder (?)


10 Ugly Hookah ‘s

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PictureDescriptionSize/ Weight Price $/$$/$$$Rating
PictureDescriptionSize/ Weight Price $/$$/$$$Rating
10" Cobra 1-hose Hookah 10"$$-
Crystal Head .750L Bottle Hookah 3 pounds$$$-
18" grim reaper & Cross Cobra,Single Hose,figurine tobacco Hookah pipe 18"$$-
Belvedere Limited Edition Intense 1L Bottle Hookah with LED Stand 5 pounds$$$-
Ciroc Coconut 1L Bottle Hookah with LED Ice Bucket 6.2 pounds$$$-
Johnnie Walker Gold Label 1L Bottle Hookah 18" 3.2 pounds$$$-
Brand New 14" Single Hose Lizard & Skull Design Tobacco Hookah Pipe 14" 4 pounds$$-
Dark Soul (1 Hose) Hookah +Free Gift 12 pounds$$$-
Remy Martin Very Special 1L Bottle Hookah 18" 2.6 pounds$$$-
10" Dragon 1-hose Hookah 10" 3.6 pounds$$-
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