hookah lounge Los Angeles

Hookah Lounge Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles was one of the first big cities to terminate smoking indoors.
This produced a domino reaction around the country.
Not only did they mandate Los Angeles smokers outside but the city is now regulating where people can smoke outside.
What are the tobacco lovers to do?
Partaking in a Hookah might be your solution.
Hookah lounges, bars and cafes. are rounding up smokers and bringing then back inside in a whole new style.

“Oh! hookah of the magic bowl,
Thou dost bring me greatest pleasure,
Who likes not thee, hath not a soul,
And can know of joy no measure.
Thy fragrance brings me visions bright–
Dispels the shadows of the night”


Although it isn’t mainstream like Starbucks as of date.
Hookah and hookah lounges, have a large choice of price and quality.
If your new to the game or a veteran and hookah pro here are top five hookah lounge and bars in Los Angeles to check out!

PictureNameAddressPhone Number
PictureNameAddressPhone Number
hookah lounge Los AngelesHabibi Cafe923 Broxton Ave Los Angeles, CA 90024(310) 824-2277
hookah lounge Los AngelesGypsy Cafe940 Broxton Ave Los Angeles, CA 90024(310) 824-2119
hookah lounge los angelesThe Candy Bar Hookah Shoppe6208 W. 87th St. Los Angeles, CA 9004(310) 670-0708
hookah lounge Los AngelesBlue Moon Hookah Lounge1053 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90015(323) 535-7076
hookah lounge los angelesAli Mama Cafe3229 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026(323) 668-0856


hookah lounge Los AngelesSituated in the Westwood Village is Habibi Cafe.
Habibi Cafe hookah lounge offers delicious Mediterranean food, coffee, and desserts.
This lounge give its guests a opportunity to put their lips to the hookah pipe on a choice of many flavors while taking in the views of Westwood.
Chilling on the patio, patrons can pick from many hookah choices which include cherry, mint, mango, strawberry, abu samra, pina colada, hookah cola, apple, mixed fruit and lots more.

Gypsy Cafe

hookah lounge Los AngelesGypsy Cafe is one of the most popular places to get your hookah fix.
The Gypsy Cafe has been there for years and is an attraction for Westwood residents.
It offers a large selection of flavors to pick from.
Its flavors include: ambrosia, spiced chai, blueberry muffin, white peach, sour apple, rose, lemon, cherry, jasmine, vanilla, mint, melon dew pineapple and about 30 more.
You can grab some tasty Mediterranean cuisine to go along with your hookah.
Everything from chicken kabobs to traditional hummus,
It’s all good and delicious.
The restaurant and hookah lounge also offer a patio for you to lounge back, chill and people watch.

The Candy Bar Hookah Shoppe

hookah lounge los angelesThe Candy Bar Hookah Shoppe serves up top notch hookahs with fruity and exotic flavors.
Not only a hookah and vapor boutique but much more.
It has a cozy lounge with and array of outstanding water pipes, Mya Saray and Sahara Smoke hookahs, e-juices, e-pens and many other smoke stuff and accessories are there for all your smoking essentials.
An awesome and expect staff will help you get specifically what you are looking for.

Blue Moon Hookah Lounge

hookah lounge Los AngelesBlue Moon Hookah Lounge is par excellent. With exotic lighting, cozy seating, hot servers, electric music and lots more beckon you at this hip Los Angeles hookah lounge.
Mid-range prices start at $6.99 for refills, the bowls here are terrific. The lounge transforms into a club after midnight and is open until 4am on weekends. Food and beverages are also offered.

Ali Mama Cafe

hookah lounge los angelesAli Mama Cafe is a hidden gem. This Silverlake smoke joint offers coffee, smoothies and your choice of hot and cold drinks to go well with its selection of hookah flavors. For a more exotic and chill experience head upstairs to the lounge.

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