hookah lounge houston

Hookah Lounge Houston

For those folks who like to treat themselves to a good smoke often go to hookah lounges for social good times and fun.
The flavored tobacco and socializing with great friends is often a good way to chill and partake in a cool luxury.

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Houston hookah lounges are spread out throughout the city and a lot of them offer not just good hookah, but also Middle Eastern grub, coffee and other cultural treats.
Here are 5 of the top hookah Lounge in Houston!

PictureNameAddressPhone Number
PictureNameAddressPhone Number
hookah lounge HoustonTexas Hookah Lounge1431 Westheimer Road, Suite B Houston, TX 77006(713) 401-9008
hookah lounge HoustonByzantio403 W. Gray St. Houston, TX 77019(713) 520-6896
hookah lounge HoustonCafe Luxor3730 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007(713) 864-0000
hookah lounge HoustonKaif Hookah Lounge6300 Westpark Drive, Suite 350 Houston, TX 77057(281) 224-8084
hookah lounge HoustonSynn Ultralounge3302 Mercer St. Houston, TX 77027(713) 294-5552

Texas Hookah Lounge

hookah lounge HoustonExcellent, delicious tobacco and long weekend hours makes guests keep coming in herds to the Texas Hookah Lounge.
This hookah lounge highlights almost 100 choices of tobacco flavors with a hankering for being squeaky clean and great service.
Because the hookah lasts a long while so patrons can kick back, relax and absorb the pleasure. Texas Hookah Lounge is open until 4 a.m. on weekends.
This makes it one of the select places you can check out at the witching hour to get a hookah on, hangout with new friends and enjoy the super chill vibe.


hookah lounge HoustonByzantio is a top notch joint for food, drink and hookah totally full out excellent service.

This place focuses on Greek and Mediterranean chow with a highlight on coffees and teas.

Most of which pair very neatly with the many choices of hookah flavors available.

Gobble down a gyro pizza, some gourmet coffee and a smoke of hookah for a nice relaxing and fun evening.

Excellent service, Greek food and drink specialties and awesome hookah come together to make Byzantio one of Houston’s best places for hookah of good time!


hookah lounge HoustonAn excellent way to go when you hanker for a hookah, some great food and a cocktail.
Cafe Luxor is one of the Houston best spots for a great smoke.
At Cafe Luxor patrons can dine on a fast meal, order a cocktail and then have a smoke from the lots of choices of tobacco flavors they offer.
The outdoor patio is great to chill and enjoy live tunes and adds to the cool vibe and your total experience.
Another great spot for night owl hookah pleasure, Cafe Luxor keeps the light on and the tobacco hot until 4 a.m. on weekends, making it great for your late night smoke adventure.


If you desire a hookah lounge that is not as big, but more cozy and intimate then Kaif Hookah Lounge is your best bet.

Although this lounge doesn’t serve food or offer drink service, you can bring your own and indulge as you wish.
The service at Kaif Hookah Lounge is the best around and it’s one of the few hookah bars that lets guests sample the many choices of flavored tobaccos before plunking down your dough.
The attentive and professional service and shisha are excellent at Kaif Hookah Lounge.
It surely ranks highly among Houston’s best establishments.

Synn Ultralounge


For a hookah bar this place is chic. Synn Ultralounge takes the cake in this category.
This lounge drips with intimate lighting, cozy seating and rich decor.
It’s the right place for group parties or a date.
Synn Ultralounge was one of the Houston best kept hookah bar secrets now gone up in smoke!

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