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 100 Hookah Accessories

PictureNameDescriptionPrice: $,$$,$$$Rating Reviews
PictureNameDescriptionPrice: $,$$,$$$Rating Reviews
Hookah Foil 100 Precut Pieces -$Rating: 4.0 Review: 124
Hookah Hookup Adapter Multi Hooka Shisha Plug Nargila Connector Hose Adapter -To modify your hookah into a double hose hookah, triple hose hookah or to a 4 hose hookah, this is your solution$Rating: 3.0 Reviews: 26
Hookah Tongs Shisha Nargila Colas Tongs -Helps to Take good care of your hookah, and of yourself$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 85
Hookah Survival Kit- Now Bigger and Better! -Comes with a Large Clay Bowl, Cleaning Brushes,Disposable Plastic Hose, Tongs, Rubber Grommets, Mouth Pieces, Ball Bearings, and Foil.$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 12
Sheecool Foil Hole Puncher Accessory for hookah head **NEW** 6 colors! (Blue) -NEW Foil Hole Puncher for hookah head$Rating: 4.4 Reviews: 20
Hookah Diffuser -Aerator -Less noise -Creates smaller bubbles$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 38
Large Hookah Cleaning Brush Kit - 3 Brush Kit - For Stem, Bowl, Hose Port etc. Long Brushes Will Work on Short and Tall Hookahs -3 Brush hookah cleaning kit -For cleaning stem, hose ports, bowl and other hookah accessories$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 23
SALE NEW Metal Charcoal Screen for Shisha Ceramic Bowl Hookah narguile pipe -Charcoal screen -No more wasting foil $Rating: 3.7 Reviews: 9
Hookana Premium Black MYA Freeze Hookah Shisha Hose -Authentic Mya freeze hose includes 2 freeze icicles -72" long$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 51
Hookah Shisha Nargila Egyptian Wind Cover With Handle -For those of you who prefer to smoke outdoors, this wind cover is for you. $Rating: 3.0 Reviews: 8
Hookah Mouthtips - Mouth Tips / 100 Pieces -Used for a cleaner, more sanitary smoking experience$Rating: 3.3 Reviews: 48
3 Thick Silicone Bowl Grommets -Replacement thick bowl grommets for your hookah$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 22
Mint 50G Ultra Premium Beamer Ice Drops ¨ Hookah Shisha Smoking Gel. Each bowl lasts 2-4 Hours! USA Made, Huge Clouds, Amazing Taste! Better Taste & Clouds than Tobacco! 2-3 bowls per Jar! -Smokes / Vapes more than 2 hours in ANY Hookah Bowl. Typical bowl smokes 3-4 hours! 10 seconds to fill the bowl & 2 seconds to clean! TOBACCO AND NICOTINE$Rating: 3.6 Reviews: 22
Hookah Neck Brush a Cleaning Brush -Cleaning the neck of your hookah is essential in ensuring a better smoke over a longer period of time$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 3
Blazn' Burner Infrared Hookah Coal Heater -This new device from Hookatec integrates their patent-pending infrared heating technology to ignite natural charcoal 30-40% faster and over 60% more efficiently than conventional methods$$$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 6
Hookah Triple Flame Lighter -Hookah Butane Lighter$Rating: 3.0 Reviews: 149
Hookah Golden Crystal Sheik Hose Shihsa Nargila Hose -This royal hose is 72'' long. -Features a long golden crystal handle for a comfortable and enjoyable smoking$-
10 Tablets of Quality Hookah Charcoal for Hooka Shisha Nargila -10 top quality quick start hookah charcoal tablets for every type of hookah shisha nargila with no trouble$Rating: 3.5 Reviews: 245
iPuff Flip Inverted Hookah Bowl - Silver -Much smoother smoking experience -No charcoal/carbon taste in the smoke -Charcoal lasts up to 1 hour -One head of tobacco lasts 1 hour to 1 ½ hours $$-
Bubbly-Under Water Motion Light - Decoration for your hookah -The under water motion light is Very cool. -Fun to watch, and a perfect suprise for all hookah smokers. -The bubly are plastic balls with a tiny electronic battery inside that float in the water in the hookah base$Rating: 1.0 Reviews: 1
Medium Hard Carrying Hookah Case -Hard Case -Fits up to 18in hookah -10.5in X 7in X 5.5in$Rating: 3 Reviews: 7
Hookah Charcoal 50 Tablets - Hooka Huka Sheesha Nargila Coals for Shisha Smoking -5 Rolls of Charcoal for Hookah Pipes - 50 Tablets Total$Rating: 3.8 Reviews: 92
14 Flavor Variety Pack - 1 of each flavor of - Beamer® Ultra Premium Hookah Molasses 50 Gram boxes! Huge Clouds, Amazing Taste!® 100 % Tobacco, Nicotine & Tar Free but more taste than tobacco! Compares to Hookah Tobacco at a fraction of the price! GREAT TASTE, LOTS OF SMOKE & SMELLS GREAT!!! Proudly made in the USA! -Beamer® is 100% Tobacco FREE, 100% Nicotine FREE, 100% Tar FREE! Beamer® does not have any tobacco taxes$$Rating: 3.0 Reviews: 74
Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Deluxe Figure -Figure comes with weapon accessories$$$Rating: 4.7 Reviews: 6
3 Head Hookah Bowl Color various -Available in various colors: Blue, Green, Red and Pink$Rating: 3.4 Reviews: 8
Phunnel Clay Bowl Hookah Shisha Hooka Funnel Clay Bowl -The Funnel / Phunnel hookah bowl is designed to sit on the top of the hookah shaft. -Design prevents shisha and its moisture from falling through and making a mess$Rating: 3.1 Reviews: 16
Starter Kit (red) -(1) 17" 1 Hose Red Hookah -(1) Case of Instant Light Charcoals for Hookah -(1) Hard Shell briefcase -(5) 50g Ast. Soex -Rating: 5 Reviews: 1
Update International PT-6 Stainless Steel Pom Tong, 6-Inch -Pom tong is versatile and economical -Constructed of durable stainless steel -Feature a rigid design that is intended for heavy duty use -This one piece tong is easy to clean -Measures 6-inch length $Rating: 4.1 Reviews: 84
Hookah Charcoal Carrier -Great for carrying charcoals$Rating: 2.9 Reviews: 10
"Torpedo" Solid Glass Hookah 9"X12" with Storage Case, Glass/Silicone Hose and Glass Bowl -NEW! Solid Glass "Torpedo" Hookah 9" tall X 12" long - glass/silicone hose - glass vortex style bowl Includes storage case with lock and key$$$-
Frog Smoking Pipe Hookah Blue Crystal Eyes Pewter Emblem Logo Symbols - Military Dog Tag Luggage Tag Key Chain Metal Chain Necklace -Stainless steel dog tag with design as shown -Includes 36" Metal Chain with clasp$-
Coco Tips Hookah Mouth Tips 100pc -Coco Tips -Hookah Mouth Tips -100 pieces -Comes in different colors $Rating: 3.8 Reviews: 17
The Mega Cobra Hookah sheesha Nargila Hose 80" Long -This magical hose is 80" long -Features a large plastic cobra head$$Rating: 3.2 Reviews: 13
Choice of Any 4 Evolution Hookah Shisha Flavors Non Tobacco -4 Hookah Hookah Evolution 50g flavors$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 20
NeverXhale 100% Natural Coconut Charcoal for Hookah Shisha - 108 Pieces -108 Pieces NeverXhaleTM Coal -Best used when glowing red -Lasts longer than other charcoal$Rating: 3.5 Reviews: 54
PROTECTIVE TRAVEL CARRYING CASE- DESIRABLE FIT FOR - Micro G by Grenco Science -durable exterior with micro sued interior for ultimate protection. -portable/lightweight for easy mobility -storage pocket for metal sheath, concentrate tank, clear plastic liquid tank ,mouthpiece, cleaning brush$-
72" Washable Nammor Hose Black -Nammor brand -Washable Hookah Hose$$Rating: 3.5 Reviews: 13
Alice In Wonderland - Hookah Worm Cling On Decal -Music, Sports & Entertainment Item$Rating: 5.0 Review: 1
Blue Ceramic Hookah Head with Cover & Screen Hooka Shisha (Color different than Pic) -Combo Bowl -Includes wind-cover and screen$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 16
Hookah Bowl + Hookah Grommet - Pick Color - Hookah Shisha Bowl -High quality ceramic Hookah bowl -Includes correct grommet and screen$Rating: 3.9 Reviews: 33
Social Smoke Professional Lounge Hookah Hose BLACK 81" Long 100% Washable Lounge Hose -Short Handle$$Rating: 4.4 Reviews: 27
Hookah Cleaning Kit - Cleans Bowl, Stem and Base! All Brushes To Clean Hookah up to 24" Best Quality -Best 2 brush hookah kit you will find$Rating: 3.5 Reviews: 58
Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip Freezable Hookah Tip for Cooler Smoke 13" Long for Hookah Huka Hooka Shisha Sheesha -Hose is not included. -The Mystique Ice Hose Tips will fit any hose that has a removable mouth piece$$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 21
Modern Hookah shisha Nargila Hooka Ice Chamber -Fits all modern hookahs large or small. -To use the ice chamber all you need to do is connect it to the top of the hookah and add ice cubes. -The ice chamber will give you a great cool smoke$$Rating: 1 Reviews: 2
LARGE Hookah Connector BLACK Hooka Double Hose Adapter -Hose connector for Large Hookahs - BLACK -If you want to modify your hookah into a double hose hookah, this is your solution. This extra hose option transforms your hookah into a double hose hookah$-
NeverXhale Hookah Accessories: 2.80" Funnel Style Hookah Shisha Narghile Tobacco Replacement Bowl (Blue) -NeverXhale Hookah Accessories - Funnel Style Hookah Shisha Bowl -Dimensions: 3.16" (Inner Bowl Diameter) x 3.90" (Height)$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 7
Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder -2.5" Diameter x 1.75" -Height - Clear top with mill handle -4 piece, 3 chamber design - Mesh screen for fine pollen filtering Heavy duty and durable zinc alloy construction$$-
iPuff Dragon Flip Inverted Hookah Bowl - Silver -Much smoother smoking experience -No charcoal/carbon taste in the smoke -Charcoal lasts up to 1 hour$$Rating: 4.5 Reviews: 2
New Tonic Washable Lounge Style Hookah Hose White -Tonic Brand Washable Hose -72 inches long$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 27
Trippy Pass Me the Hookah Plastic Phone Case Back Cover Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 Inches) -High quality printing prevents image from cracking, peeling or fading. This is not a decal or sticker$-
5 Packs Of Soex Hookah Shisha Flavours - [5 Boxes X 50G Each] -5 Boxes, Each 50G. -0% Tobacco, 0% Tar, 0% Nicotine$-
Authentic Black Vortex Hookah Shisha Bowl -Black Hookah Vortex Bowl - Not Sahara Smoke brand but works just as well for less$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 66
6" Regular Hookah Tongs with Stoker / Poker -Stainless Steel -Tongs With Teeth -With Stoker/Poker $Rating: 3.3 Reviews: 3
lsp_71649_6 Danita Delimont - Egypt - Market, Hookah pipes in sidewalk shop, Luxor, Egypt-AF14 AJE0223 - Adam Jones - Light Switch Covers - 2 plug outlet cover -Made of strong, durable scratch-resistant metal$-
Hookah Vase 26'' Clear-Red Egyptian Hookah Base Nargila Glass Base Shisha Vase -This is the beautiful Egyptian glass hookah base, which give it the look of the Egyptian Style hookah glass base. -This glass vase serves as a replacement or backup for your current hookah vase$-
Square E-head Brand New 100% Authentic -2 8ml E-Liquid Tank -2400 mAh Battery$$$Rating: 5 Reviews: 1
HEBA Hookah Diffuser Filter LARGE Size - Best Quality Available -HEBA Diffuser for Hookah -Makes smoke bubbles smaller making more efficient smoke -Large size diffuser$Rating: 4.3 Reviews: 21
Three Kings Hookah Charcoal Box 40mm 100 Pieces -1 Box -40mm Round -100 Pieces $Rating: 4.5 Reviews: 41
Hookah Shisha 2 Bowl Grommets -2 BOWL GROMMETS$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 5
NeverXhale Hookah Accessories: Hookah Shisha Narghile Tobacco Standard Replacement Bowl (Black) -NeverXhale Hookah Accessories - Standard Hookah Shisha Replacement Bowl$-
40" Hookah Hose Blue -40in Long -Very Durable $Rating: 3.4 Reviews: 20
Hookah Vase 22'' Shaped Glass Hookah Base Blue Shisha Vase -This 22" functional modern glass hookah base serves as a replacement or backup for your current hookah vase$-
Kaloud Lotus Hookah Bowl Heat Management System - Silver with Black Handle -Hookah heat management device sits on top of your hookah bowl -Perfect sessions every time -Replace hookah foil, screen and charcoal rotation$$Rating: 4.8 Reviews: 45
Hookah Clear Glass Premium Vortex Bowl Shisha Phunnel Funnel -Hookah Premium Clear Glass Vortex Bowl No Leak Design Purest Taste Long Lasting Flavor$$Rating: 3.5 Reviews: 2
Square E-head Brand New 100% Authentic -Puff Counter, Inhale Timer$$$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 1
LARGE Hookah Connector BLACK Hooka Double Hose Adapter -If you want to modify your hookah into a double hose hookah, this is your solution. This extra hose option transforms your hookah into a double hose hookah$-
New Tonic Washable Lounge Style Hookah Hose White -Tonic Brand Washable Hose -72 inches long -Lounge Style Hookah Hose -Glows in Blacklight$Rating: 4.0 Reviews:27
5 Packs Of Soex Hookah Shisha Flavours - [5 Boxes X 50G Each] -5 Boxes, Each 50G. -0% Tobacco, 0% Tar, 0% Nicotine$-
Shisha Land Silicone Hookah Phunnel Bowl New Funnel for Khalil Mamoon Nargileh -Now you can enjoy your favorite shisha in a bowl which is practically indestructible and the best part is, you do not need a rubber grommet since the bowl itself provides a tight fit around your hookah. -5 colors Available -100% AUTHENTIC BRANDED SHISHA LAND$$-
iPuff Dragon Flip Inverted Hookah Bowl - Purple -Much smoother smoking experience -No charcoal/carbon taste in the smoke -Charcoal lasts up to 1 hour$$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 1
Ask Me About My Hookah Men's Tee Shirt -Cotton -Machine wash and dry $-
Hookah Bowl Shisha Hooka Nargila Glass Bowl -Made of glass with gentle decorations. -3.8" (9.5cm) high$Rating: 3.0 Reviews: 1
Gas Mask Tobacco Pipe (Assorted Colors) -The Original Gas Mask Pipe -Comes with 1 Gas Mask 1 Tobacco Pipe and 1 Portable HOOKAH STICK$$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 2
mug_71649_2 Danita Delimont - Egypt - Market, Hookah pipes in sidewalk shop, Luxor, Egypt-AF14 AJE0223 - Adam Jones - Mugs - 15oz Mug -Made of white ceramic -Image printed on both sides -High gloss finish -Available in 11 oz and 15 oz$-
SusanMarket Men's No Shisha No Party Cotton Round Collar T Shirt,,DeepHeather -100% Cotton Machine -Wash Or Hand Wash -Our Tees Are Slim Fit So Order A Larger T Shirt If You're Between Sizes $$-
Hookah Base / Vase protector -This is a great way to protect your glass hookah base. -Protects the glass base from breaking$Rating: 5 Reviews: 2
Hookah Hose Adapter and Rubber grommet -$Rating: 3.1 Reviews: 15
Modern Hookah Vase 22" Modern Decorate Hookah Base BLUE Nargila Glass Base -This 22" functional modern glass hookah base serves as a replacement or backup for your current hookah vase. -Opening inner diameter 1.4" (3.5cm) 8.8" High -This modern hookah base should fit small - medium hookahs. up to 24" high usually. $-
Get Down Art Mens Cotton Hookah Girl Graphic Print T-Shirt (Black, S) -Cotton -Original works by renowned artists -Printed on soft, breathable cotton -Super comfortable and impossibly cool -Machine washable -Multiple Sizes Available $$-
6 MYA Icicle for MYA Freeze Hose Hookah Freeze Hose Replacement Hookah hose Cool Smoke for Hookah FREE SHIPPING from ELITE HOOKAH -Authentic MYA freeze hose replacement Icicles -Complete pack of 6 Icicle for freeze hose$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 4
Khalil Mamoon Hookah Plate KM Hooka Shisha Tray Nargila Sheesha Egyptian Plate -This great new hookah plate will catch remaining falling ashes from the hookahs coals therefore will keep your floor or carpet clean and neat while smoking$-
100 Male Hookah Mouth Tips -Quality Tips -Inner tip, mouth piece$Rating: 2.8 Reviews: 44
Pierced Hookah Foil - 100 pcs NEW Hooka Shisha Foils -This 100 piece pack will put you in good shape and prepare you for group outings$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 2
Hookah Hose Adapter and Rubber grommet -$Rating: 3.1 Reviews: 15
Hookah Smoking Caterpillar Parody Novelty DT Adult T-Shirt Tee -High Quality 100% Cotton Tee -Front Sided Design$$-
NeverXhale Hookah Accessories: 2.80" Hookah Shisha Narghile Tobacco Replacement Bowl w/ Stainless Steel Wind Cover and Reusable Charcoal Screen (Black) NeverXhale Hookah Accessories - Standard -Replacement Bowl w/ Stainless Steel Wind Cover and Charcoal Screen -Dimensions: 2.95" (Bowl Diameter) x 3.33" (Bowl Height)$Rating: 2.4 Reviews: 5
Hookah Shisha Glass Cleaning Brush Hooka Base Cleaning Brush Vase Cleaning Brush -HOOKAH Glass Cleaning Brush - Cleans your hookah base! -A special cleaning brush for your hookah vase. -Good for 26" and 30" hookah vases$-
Triple Head Clay Bowl for hookah / nargila -This bowl can use triple the amount of shisha$Rating: 2.0 Reviews: 1
Fumari Hookah Charcoal Burner Single Coil Nara Mazaya -Coiled Heating Element -Power Indicator Light -Temperature Control Knob$$-
I Heart Love Hookah Men's Tee Shirt -Cotton -Machine wash and dry $-
4-Hose Hookah Stem and 6 Grommets - EXOTIC Hooka Huka Shisha Narghile Stem Shaft 1 - Pro Quality 4-Hose -Hookah Shisha Nargila Stem - 1 Metal Ash Tray -1 Down Stem -6 Appropriately Fitting Rubber Stem Grommets (to attach vase, bowl and hoses)$$Rating: 1.0 Reviews: 1
Hookah Nargila Charcoal Screen -$Rating: 3.6 Reviews: 14
Khalil Mamoon Signature Rainbow BLACK Hookah Hose 70" Inches Long -Khalil Mamoon Signature Rainbow Hookah Hose -About 70" inches long from tip to tip - Black in color with Khalil Mamoon signature on hose handle -Thick long handle and extra easy draw wide diameter tubing $$Rating: 2.7 Reviews: 6
Hookah Vase 22'' Shaped Glass Hookah Base GREEN Shisha Vase -Opening inner diameter - 1.4" (3.5cm) 8.8" High This modern hookah base should fit small - medium hookahs. up to 24" high usually$-
Starlight 40mm Hookah Charcoal Xtra Large -Starlight 40mm Hookah Charcoal Xtra Large$Rating: 4.1 Reviews: 10
Small Hookah Case Shisha Hard Case Hooka Nargila Cover -This is a small carrying case with a lock and a sturdy handle. -The dimensions are: 10.8 inches in length 3.32 inches in width 5.4 inches in height. $Rating: 3.8 Reviews: 5
Al-Fakher Hookah Bag Exclusive Sports Bag From Al-Fakher -An exclusive sports bag from Al-Fakher. Get your gear in motion! -This is a heavy duty duffel bag with the legendary Al-Fakher logo and a hip neon color design$$-
Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker Decals Art Decor Design Hookah Bar Lounge Tobacco Smoke Mans Gift Bedroom Modern Fashion Style(r885) -Easy to apply! You will get the instruction! -Real sizes are usually from 22" X 22" to 22" X 35"$$-
Hookah LED Art Lights with Wireless Remote Control Water Proof the Heavy Hitter L.e.d. for Shisha -10 super bright LED's$$-
Wall Decor Vinyl Decal Sticker Hookah Home Room Hookah Club Kg515 -Wall Vinyl Decal Sticker for Any Interior$$-


Types of Hookah Smokers:  “Which type are you?”

There is a great article over at Hookah Culture, a site that really dives into some pretty cool and interesting topics around hookah smoking.  A real gem in my opinion, and definitely worth your time checking out.

This particular article is about the “type” of smoker you are.  A labeling of sorts, that encapsulates one’s dominant smoking behavior. Clever.

Here’s are overview and paraphrase of their article.  Enjoy!


Types of Hookah Smokers





1.)  Chimney Hookah Smoker

They say the “chimney hookah smokers” typically have several hookahs to choose from (click here for the top 10). They like to go to a hookah bar that they have never been to before. A chimney hookah smoker smokes all the time:  everyday of the week.  He is an expert with almost every nook and cranny of hookahs and even has his own tricks and tips for cleaning it. He also relished in the ideal of smoking hookah at home as much as possible.


hookah accessories 2.)   The Curious Chick hookah Smoker

This girl is a new hookah smoker. She is eager to have new smoking experiences  and to taste and try new flavors.

Before she starts smoking, she will usually ask questions like:  “Am I going to regret this?” or “Is this illegal?”

She is usually ready to taste as many flavors as possible.

After smoking a couple of puffs,  she will get up and start dancing like someone who have smoked hookah for hours like a real pro.


3.)  The Casual Hookah Smoker

A casual hookah smoker has a couple hookahs at home. He rarely ever smokes alone. He is not really a big fan of hookah bars unless he is with his friends. He smokes about once in a week.  He is always good for a ride to the hookah bar and is always respectful of your stash.


4.)   The Over-dressed Hookah smokers  (player)

The over-dressed hookah smoker likes going out to a hookah bar than smoking alone at home. The servers love him for his generous tips. He likes the ladies and he makes it known by flirting with any lady he sees and likes in the bar. He seems to know everything about hookahs and he loves to share the information with the ladies he meets in the bar.


hookah accessories

5.)  The Trapper Hookah Smoker


The Trapper is a unique hookah smoker. He will start with a story just as he starts smoking.

He then takes a puff and continues on with the story. After several minutes, he takes another puff and again moves on with his story.

He has a ‘knack’ for trapping you into a conversation that you either, know nothing about, or just plain don’t want to be involved in.


6.)  The Mad Hookah Smoker


He is called a ‘mad smoker’ because he has a set of lungs that seem to be powered by multiple engines.  He is able to draw in enough smoke to kill any normal hookah smoker, yet, he continues.  He will never be part of any discussion while he is smoking.


There are several more “types” in the article you can find at their site Hookah Culture