glass hookahDiscover the (10 Best) Glass Hookah, Elegant, funky and quite unique, they are conversation starters as you watch the smoke swirl.


Glass hookahs are pretty new to the hookah scene. They have quickly increased in popularity for their awesome, elegant designs and the high quality smoking experience. Glass hookahs are completely made of glass, which includes the stem, the bowl, and the glass on glass seals. Adapters and stems fit perfectly and snug inside the base, producing a super, secure, seal and rendering grommets unnecessary.

Traditional hookahs (Top 10), on the other hand, have been used throughout the world for centuries. They have a much heavier, solid glass base, aluminum or brass stem, and clay bowl. These are your classic hookahs.

Lets dig in and have a look at the 10 best glass hookahs!

PictureNameDescriptionPrice: $,$$,$$$Rating/Reviews
PictureNameDescriptionPrice: $,$$,$$$Rating/Reviews
All Glass on Glass 2 Hose Super Hookah Egyptian Style Shisha Pipe Bowl 23" Clear Huka -Comes with 2 hoses just remove the air purge valve and replace it with the second included hookah hose and smoke away with 2 people. -All glass on glass (Will never Rust)$$$Rating: 4.5 Reviews: 2
Al-Fakher Glass Hookah White -4 COLORS AVAILABLE: WHITE, GREEN, YELLOW$$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 4
The Heavy Hitter All Glass Double Dragon Hookah Twin Shower Head Perc with Free LED Light Made in USA -Thick Cooked Pyrex Glass -Free L.E.D. And Wireless Remote -Dual Honey Comb For Extra Bubbles$$$-
20" Pharaoh's Queen B All Glass On Glass Hookah with Egyptian Case - Green -All glass construction -Built in honeycomb filter -Egyptian design carrying case -High quality, very well made hookah$$$Rating: 5 Review: 1
21" Pharaoh's Titan Glass on Glass Hookah (Black) -Total Height (from glass base to top of bowl): 21" -All glass on glass connections -Built in diffuser inside base for filtration -Egyptian design carrying case - 78" Washable silicone hose with glass tip $$$Rating: 5 Review: 1
The Green Glass wave Hookah with Exclusive Case -Made entirely from glass -An exceptional beautiful model that is made entirely of 12inch Green glass. -The glass design provides a unique quality and smoking experience you never get with a standard metal hookah$$-
All Glass Hookah -Hand Blown with 100% German Shot Glass -LED Base Included for cool Night Time sessions$$$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 1
Vortex-Velvet Glass Hookah NEW -High Grade Solid Glass Velvet Hookah -The Vortex includes one head, one base, one release valve, one hose adapter, one silicone hose, and one glass hose tip$$-
"Gladiator" Solid Glass Hookah 22" - Glass/Silicone Hose and Glass Bowl -NEW! Solid Glass "Gladiator" Hookah -22" tall glass/silicone hose - glass vortex style bowl$$$-
Netunoo All Glass on Glass Hookah -Netunoo all glass on glass hookah -High quality borosilicate glass$$-


Helpful Glass Hookah Rules BONUS

glass hookah


Partaking in smoking a traditional or glass Hookah is and always will be an enjoyable social experience and time. The culture the surrounds the hookah transverses history, customs, traditions, etiquette, vibe, and more. Today, as the popularity of hookah culture is fanning out to new ground all over the world, some core traditions (hookah history) are getting left behind and forgotten in the ashes of modernity. Some are just deemed as old fashion and ignored. Below is a checklist of the unofficial manifesto that is associated with outstanding hookah.


The first thing to beware and understand what is referred to as house rules. This is one of the most important items in your etiquette (hookah etiquette) toolbox. If you are at your friends house and he has a certain set of rules, be respectful and follow them. If you happen to be in another country, try and brush up and know their customs and traditions. You always want to please your hosts and stay in good graces.


•. Most times, but not all, the person who hooks up the hookah gets the first smoke in the rotation. The person in head of coals goes second. Also the person who supplied the hookah and hookah tobacco, usually reserve the privilege to smoke longer if they choose to do so.


glass hookahRotation is clockwise. And remember it is considered rude to pass the hose to someone directly in some parts of the world. It should be set down.


•. If you do pass it to someone, you should always angle the end of the hose with the mouth tip away from the person you are handing it to. This general rule is often ignored. But be alert that you may offer offense and disrespect the host, other smokers, and country you’re by not observing their customs.


Always use your right hand when smoking hookah. Why? In many parts of the world, the left hand is thought to be unclean. You may disagree. But by ignoring this odd rule, you’re at risk of insulting and offending your host and guests.


Be aware not to blow smoke into the face another. If shotgunning- (Hookah glossary) a word used to describe the act of blowing smoke from one person’s mouth to another person’s mouth- it is not necessarily vulgar, but a great rule to go by is if the person doesn’t want you to blow your smoke in their face, just don’t do it. Unwelcome smoke in anyone’s face is considered very rude, impolite, and just plain nasty no matter what country you’re in.



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