Hookah Lounge Dallas

hookah lounge Dallas

Hookah Lounge Dallas

If it’s not already know, a hookah is a water pipe that is an instrument to smoke a syrupy flavored tobacco known as shisha.
In India and the various countries in the Middle East, family, friends and acquaintances, get together around the hookah pipe, passing it around while enjoying good conversation and stories.
It is a very social activity.

“Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called ‘walking.’ ”
George W. Bush

Around 10 years ago, hookah wildness crashed the USA and lounges and bars sprung up like mushrooms everywhere.
They offered many different exotic flavors of shisha.
Although today, the hookah hoopla has chilled some, it’s far from sizzling out.
Let’s check out the hottest and best hookah lounge Dallas has to offer!

PictureNameAddressPhone Number
PictureNameAddressPhone Number

hookah lounge Dallas

Fusion Hookah Lounge & Smoke Shop2205 W. Berry St. Fort Worth, TX 76110(817) 921-5500
hookah lounge DallasByblos Mediterranean Lebanese Restaurant and Hookah Lounge1406 N. Main St. Fort Worth, TX 76164 (817) 625-9667
hookah lounge DallasKush2100 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206 (214) 821-8997
hookah lounge dallasKismetKismet3707 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75224(214) 823-8883; for reservations call (972) 639-7209
hookah lounge DallasCairo Hookah Lounge581 W. Campbell Road Richardson, TX 75080(972) 238-5100

Fusion Hookah Lounge & Smoke Shop

hookah lounge Dallas

Relax and enjoy. There is no reason to stress over anything if you are hanging out at the Fusion Hookah Lounge & Smoke Shop.
For choice, you will not find a better variety of selection.
There are over 200 top-notch quality flavors to choose from, which include White Peach and Absolute Zero, an icy mix of mint that produces for wildly cool smoke.
There is no bar.
There are two rooms to smoke in.
If you desire cocktails, you will have to provide your own.
Also there is a smoke shop right next door where you will locate all the accessories for your private smoking needs.



Byblos Mediterranean Lebanese Restaurant and Hookah Lounge


If you are adventurous and hankering for an exotic Middle Eastern soiree in Cowtown, there’s no better place than Byblos Mediterranean Lebanese Restaurant and Hookah Lounge.
This joint knows how to delight.
The menu surprises with an impressive menu including kibbi, tabulli and homemade baklava, rich with fresh pistachios and thirst quenching rose water.
You will also discover live entertainment which include concerts and hot belly dancers.
Their hookah lounge is the best in Fort Worth, and can be rented for big parties.




Kush Hookah Bar is an up and coming Mediterranean Bar and Grill.
Its modern and chic look and feel gives Kush a twist and set it apart from your standard Mediterranean joints found in the City of Dallas.
The style is different and very modern.
It sports a tapestry of rich, dark and bright orange colors.
Throughout the day, Kush serves up delicious morsels and the homemade hummus.
After dark, it gets more louder and a heck of a lot livelier.
There are 16 flavors of shisha to pick from, including populars’ like Potion #9 and Mojito.






Kismet reeks of Mediterranean.
Summons bottle service and get together with your friends around a hookah.
Choose from 14 different flavors.
Kismet is has vibrant dance bar with a swinging door lot of DJs that keeps things wild and lively on the dance floor.
It’s ladies night on Thursday.
The ladies gets in free of charge and enjoy free margaritas until 11 p.m.! Steak tacos are whipped up all night for when you get a hankering for some grub.



Cairo Hookah Lounge

Cairo is an ancient city that has long been know of as a place of wonder and mystery.
That city Egypt has greatly influenced the decor at Cairo Hookah Lounge.
It has relaxing vibe, that will chill you out.
Indulge in an Egyptian pot pie with your buds or grab a plate of beef Schwarma.
Then pick a flavor of shisha from the lounge’s large choice- a hos-posh of mix and match.

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