Hookah Lounge NYC


hookah lounge nyc

 Hookah Lounge NYC

These 5 top hookah lounges in New York City are a great round-up of places to relax, and have fun with friends.
New York City is the center for all kinds of exciting activities and events.
You name it, they’ve got it.
One thing for sure, is that New York City is becoming know its great selection of hookah bars.
Even if smoking isn’t your thing, hookah bars offer different selections with flavors and other amenities.

 Smoking a hookah is nothing like smoking a cigarette…cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run…when you smoke a hookah, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company

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Here are 7 Top Hookah Lounges in NYC

PictureNameAddressPhone Number
PictureNameAddressPhone Number
hookah lounge nycFalucka162 Bleecker St. Between Sullivan St. & Thompson St. New York, NY (212) 777-4555
hookah loungeKarma 51 1st Ave. Between 2nd St. & 3rd St. New York, NY (212) 677-3160(212) 677-3160
Habibi Lounge198 First Ave. New York, NY 10009(212) 982-0932
OasisSahara East184 First Ave. New York, NY (212)-353-9000
Cozy Cafe Hookah Bar43 E. First St. New York, NY 10003 (212) 475-0177

What is a hookah Lounge? 

hookah lounge nyc

Hookah lounges are a trend taking America.
They offer people a chill and cool environment that they gather, smoke and sometimes drink and eat.
Many hookah lounges offer Middle Eastern music and decor, including exotic cushions and pillows that invite guests to relax and chill with their friends.

Hookah lounges are a wildly popular place for people looking to relax and hang out in a low key environment and escape the typical loud and crazy club circuit.
Hookah bars do lure lots of smokers, but many of their customers are non smokers who simply like vibing in an aroma filled room.
Though hookah smoking involves using tobacco, it is a hugely different experience than smoking cigarettes.
Most smokers, for instance, draw from a hookah, which is a smoking gizmo filled with water and shisha, which the tobacco is mixed with lots flavors. .




How to Open a Hookah Lounge

5 Steps to guide you in the process

hookah lounge

1.)   Get in touch with your local county and state health departments and tobacco authorities about how to license properly in your jurisdiction.
In many states now which prohibit smoking in bars and restaurants, hookah lounges have to be very careful about how they present themselves.
Some structure their business as tobacco shops or cigar clubs, which are allowed to have smoking on their premises.


2.)   Choose a location for your business.
Hookah lounges range in their size and what they offer.
You may want a small cozy lounge, or a large space in an area that attracts upscale and cosmopolitan crowd. Anyway, make your space and layout meet the needs of your business your idea and plans.


3.)   You have to register with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives if you want to sell shisha or other tobacco products.


4.)  Apply for a state permit to sell tobacco and also any other business licenses and permits.


5.)  Furnish your hookah lounge.
This will usually include low tables, big cushions, pillows, hookahs, carpets, tapestries, and Middle Eastern art and lamps and decor.


6.)  Get in touch with suppliers for shisha tobacco.
This is special kind of smoke-able mixes tobacco, dried fruits and molasses.
If your state or county has a law against you from selling tobacco or allowing customers to smoke indoors, you can consider tobacco-free shisha.


7.)   Make sure you check with your local city and county governments about regulations on hookah bar and lounges hours of operation. Some municipalities and local governments have begun limiting hours and zoning for hookah bars and lounges, claiming they invite unwanted problems and public disturbances.

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