What Is The Best Hookah Pipe?


One of the questions we are most frequently asked is “What is the best hookah pipe?” Though there really isn’t one right answer to this question, but there are several wrong answers, which depends on the person and how they will use the hookah pipe. So the best way to avoid a bad decision you’ll regret, is to allow me to point out a few of my personal favorite hookahs that are considered the best by verified users. Some of the best hookahs on the market can go for under $40 in my opinion. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy the hookah. If later on you want a more elaborate hookah go for it!  In the mean time let the following chart guide you to make a great choice.


 Definitive Hookah Pipe Guide


4 hose 28" GRILL Hookah nargila shisha bar narguile nargile glass water Vase new 4 Hose28"$$n/a
10" 1 Hose Mini Pumpkin Hookah Black 1 Hose10"$4.1
NeverXhale 22" 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Complete Set with Optional Carrying Case - Smoke Swirl Glass Vase - Choose Your Haze (Minos Black w/ Case) 2 Hose22"$$3.3
NeverXhale Deluxe Series: 18" 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Complete Set - Retro Mosaic Seurat Glass Vase - Pick Your Color (Le Grande Yellow) 2 Hose18"$$4.5
19" Midnight Silver 2-Hose Egyptian Hookah with Case (Hookah Design May Vary) 1 Hose19"$$3.4
31'' Malibu Gold Hookah Premium Hookah shisha hooka 1 Hose31"$$$5.0
Mya Thunder 4 Hose Hookah - Includes all Accessories and Retail Box - Free Shipping 4 Hose24"$$$n/a
19" Silver Ruby 2-Hose Egyptian Hookah w/ Case 2 Hose19"$3.2
NeverXhale Convertible Series: 18" 1 or 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Complete Set - Metal Ionic Frosted Glass Vase - Pick Your Color (Amaranth Red) 2 Hose18"$4.0
26" 4 Hose Pyramid Base Hookah w/ Case Red 4 Hose26"$$$4.0
Ultra Premium Beamer 2 Hose Hookah Nargila Pipe, 5 Boxes of Beamer Ultra Premium Hookah Molasses Flavors, 100 Charcoals, Beamer Card and Accessories 2 Hose63"$$3.9
NeverXhale Pumpkin Series: 10" 2 Hose Hookah Shisha - Pumpkin Glass Vase - Pick Your Color/Design (Black Flame) 2 Hose10"$3.5
NeverXhale Starter Series: 18" 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Combo Kit Set w/ NeverXhale Charcoal, Hydro Herbal Molasses, and Screen (Frosted Metallic Blue) 2 Hose18"$4.0
Hookah Diamond Cut Black 2 Hose 17" with Case 2 Hose17"$3.2


How do I find the best hookah pipe for me?


Buying a hookah is fun and exciting but it can seem like a daunting task at first, especially if it is your first one.  No problem let the following  act as a guideline.  Soon you’ll be a pro and enjoying great hookah with friends.  Lets dig in!



7 Tips for Buying a Hookah


1.)  Figure out what you will use your hookah pipe for.  Are you mostly going to smoke your hookah pipe at your house or are you going to travel with it? Do you have space to store it? Are you going to use it at parties and let other people handle it? Do you plan to enjoy and smoke your hookah alone or with others?  Do you think you’re going upgrade later on?

2.)  Does size matter?  Somewhat. There is a constant talk over whether bigger hookahs are better than smaller ones. In reality, there is little difference.

3.)  Glass is the most popular and also the most traditional hookah base material.   But acrylic hookahs are becoming more popular every day. They are basically unbreakable, which is good if your hookah is going to be used at parties or if you plan to travel with it.

4.)  Lets look the number of hoses.  If you are going to smoke alone, a one-hose hookah will do. However, hookah smoking is really a traditional social activity.  So if you plan on including others you will want at least 2 hoses.  Most stems have the option to add another hose with an adapter, which is nice, but 3-hose and 4-hose hookahs are much more expensive, because the stem is different.

5.)  OK let’s get a little more wonky and talk about auto-sealing.  Auto-sealing is something to consider. This means that there is a ball-bearing in the hose adapter (where it attaches to the stem). This prevents smoke/air escaping while the other person drags on their hose. Before auto-sealing hoses, people would have to cover the tip of their hose with the their finger.

6.)  Many times, you can get a great deal on a beginner hookah package. These come with everything you need to begin smoking:  shisha tobacco, tongs, grommets, bags, and other accessories.  Something to consider.

7.)  A good-sized average hookah is around 18-30 inches. This is the size that most people can comfortably store and also bring places and travel with. A hookah that is going to be more or conversation piece can obviously be bigger and more decorative, but something like this just isn’t practical for every-day use or travel.


Reviews of the 5 Best Hookah Pipes


NeverXhale Deluxe Series: 18″ 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Complete Set – Retro Mosaic Seurat Glass Vase – Pick Your Color (Le Grande Yellow)



hookah 16 one

This 18-inch revolutionary hookah transforms this respectable age-old tradition in a modern stylish way. The spirit of Hookah is meant to be shared, communal, and a social activity. This Hookah which has made the BEST LIST is constructed and packaged to let you meet those needs in the most effective and enjoyable way possible.

For an easy handling process, this winner comes easy to assemble, disassemble, clean, and store away. It’s Egyptian in configuration and includes:  bottom base, center shaft, downstem, smoking hose(s), ceramic bowl, charcoal tray, tongs, and poker.




31” Malibu Gold Hookah Premium Hookah shisha hookah



The 31” Malibu Gold Hookah is a big daddy among hookahs. It’s decked out with traditional Arabian designs.   The stainless shaft stem is decorated with jewels of many very cool colors.   This baby comes with a hand-blown golden glass base that is handsomely designed.

Also this hookah sports a special case the hookah’s shaft can be unscrewed into 3 small parts which goes inside the hookah case- “All aboard!”

The 31” Malibu Gold Hookah comes with: 1 pair of tongs 1 cleaning brush 1 ceramic bowl 1 luxury modern hose 1 hookah case.




10″ 1 Hose Mini Pumpkin Hookah Black





Why is this Mini on the list?  How about a whopping 4.1 rating from 74 reviews!  That’s why.

This Mini Pumpkin Hookah requires minimum investment- it’s really inexpensive- and a great product to get started with.  No excuses.

The  Mini Pumpkin Hookah is a great little hookah that comes with tongs, hose, and bowl.   Go for it.  It also makes a great gift.




Ultra Premium Beamer 2 Hose Hookah Nargila Pipe, 5 Boxes of Beamer Ultra Premium Hookah Molasses Flavors, 100 Charcoals, Beamer Card and Accessories




The whole kit and caboodle! This Hookah Set comes with everything needed to smoke right out of the box except for the water and foil. The set includes — 1 new 19 to 17 inch GLASS 2 hose Hookah with 2 – 63 inch long hoses + 5 boxes of Beamer 50 Gram Ultra Premium Beamer Hookah molasses (Hookah Flavoring) + 100 Havana charcoals (10 individual packs of 10 charcoals so charcoal stays air tight and fresh) + Tongs + all rubber garments. Plus the stem is METAL, NOT CHEAP PLASTIC.

This hookah has an AUTO SEAL SYSTEM too, which closes the valve for the hose that is not being used so you do not have to hold the other hose shut with your finger.

The bonus is you will receive a variety flavor pack! Also Havana Charcoal – Havana quicklight charcoal are made by the very popular Havana Molasses brand. Each air tight roll contains 10 tablets so charcoals stay fresh, quicklights, odorless, burns even and long. Hookah is great for 1, 2, 3, 4 people or a big group of people. This Hookah smokes life a Café hookah and will last a long, long time- you’ll love it.




SNOW PRINCESS 4 Hose Hookah Pipe 22″ Shisha Narghile Smoking Set



hookah Call your friends! This 4-Hose Hookah Shisha Set is super attractive. The hookah “nargila” has an exotic design for sure. It includes 4 long hookah lounge hoses with ornamental tips and some handy metal shisha tongs.

It’s a quality hookah shisha nargila and is perfect for you to enjoy the great pleasure of hookah smoking with others in style.

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